Why Its important for Mothers to take care of themselves!


For us ladies who get caught up in taking care of loved ones it is very important to take care of our mental and physical self first. So that we can carry on doing a great job.

It can be a small thing, taking time to read or go shop for ourselves or take a walk with the or without kids in a park or the outdoors, anywhere because fresh air is great for you.

Its important to take care of our mental health, be it venting to the right person (see blog on therapy) or a combination of meditation therapy prayer etc. Over thinking, anxiety and OCD can lead to many other mental behavioral issues.

Looking after ones psychical self is important because if your eating healthy well at least trying to this will help you have the energy to get through your tough day and with age this get more and more important.

You are what you eat”

Try your best to have non processed foods and make a healthier choice. Being healthy will make it easier to take care of others and lastly exercise. If you are fit to an extent you will feel so much lighte. Also find it easier to function around the house when doing chors or running errands as this can all get pretty exhausting.  I think we all know this VERY well but don’t imply it. You should it helps everyone, Our state will have a knock on effect on people around us our parents siblings kids and husbands.

I have to add i try to do all the above and personally I like to put on minimal makeup in the morning before starting my day. Concealer, blusher and mascara not forgetting the lip.It Gives me the instant boost to feel good about myself and throughout the rest of the day. I live by the saying.

“Dress how you want to be Addressed

If your at the doctor or kids school or at a store I feel people often do address you the way you are dressed! Dont have to be in heels & designer gear just spend a few moments on yourself.




3 thoughts on “Why Its important for Mothers to take care of themselves!

  1. After my second child I was determined to loose the 30lbs I gained and honestly it was the best thing i did for myself and my kids. I like working out once in a while still to let all the steam out lol. So true, I like to wear makeup to boost my energy as well and to feel a little more comfortable. There is nothing wrong with giving yourself some time. Even my kids compliment me once I put a little effort in myself.


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