A Mothers Guide for Ramadan!

As a mother of 3 especially an infant I was feeling very apprehensive about the upcoming Ramadan this year. Juggling motherhood while keeping up with my daily prayers was a struggle already, how was I going to manage during Ramadan? Well I took the “bull by the horns” as they say, I took control of the situation. I needed to plan ahead and have a written plan, a realistic one that suited my lifestyle. Now that I have printed & pinned my plan on my fridge, all prepared for Ramadan Im feeling very content. You can also feel at ease &not feel so overwhelmed that you shut yourself off during this auspicious time for all the Muslim umah, how? by making your own simple plan using the following ideas.


 Goals For Ramadan

Long Term: Train Myself during this month to act in a similar way during the rest 11 months Short Term: Eat Less, Speak Less, Sleep Less

Plan before Ramadan

  • Prepare families Eid clothes before Ramadan
  • Do some pre-cooking, meals that generally require alot of time (freezable snacks & meals Samosa, Haleem, Curry etc)
  • Have a Dua list ready  (small daily duas for iftaar time)
  • Spring clean cupboards & kitchen cabinets (replenish spices)

Plan during Ramadan

  • Eat a good nutritional Sehri read here: Suhoor Ideas (energy  boost for a busier day)
  • Make reading Quran the first thing you do in the morning & last thing at night
  • Make an effort to nap during the day (even a 30min power nap can conserve energy for Iftaar time)
  • Read all daily 5 prayers on time
  • You & your children can learn a small Surah during the 30 days (Few words each day)
  • At night when awake during feeding time with infants or children, listen to the Quran (time is precious use your time wisely)
  • Try & perform small acts of charity daily, do some spring cleaning of clothes wardrobe & donate (for every new outfit donate one in return) or take out small amounts of money (coins for kids to place into jars during the 30 days & donate before Eid)
  • Have children do some simple Ramadan coloring to decorate in their free time. To make an easy craft that takes no time at all I made some Date Jars for the kids to gift their teachers & friends. You can find the instructions here Easy Crafts . For coloring you can find them here: Crayola Coloring for Ramadan
  • Control and train the mind not to argue & think negative (DO NOT JUDGE & COMPARE)
  • Make sure Iftaar is ready 10mins before the fast breaks (leaving time to make important duas & ask for forgiveness with the family)
  • Be consistent & maintain the same routine even up to the last night that has been set throughout the 30 days

Ramadan Mubarak to my fellow ladies & mothers from Me.

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