BumbleBrain Box

This is BumbleBrain Box mission statement:

Our mission at Bumble Brain Box, a monthly subscription box for children 0 to 3 years old, is to teach parents how to play with their child to help target specific areas of brain development

I love the concept behind this monthly subscription  box designed to help us the mothers & fathers to work with our children at this young tender age and try to get the best out of the early childhood learning years.

This box is even more beneficial to parents who both work or have busy schedules. Often parents will be so busy and caught up in catching up with chors and other tasks, when it comes to spending time with the infant, they can instantly use these activities out of the BumbleBrain box to play and develop with their child.

The first box I received was so on point, as a mother of three I was so excited, all the activities were so relevant to how my baby and Preschooler were developing at that stage. We used each and every activity and I felt at ease that all these activities reinforced what I had learnt as a mother with my previous two children at this age.

Now I have received my second BumbleBrain Box, id like to say that each of the 5 activities for my Preschooler and baby are again so relevant for the current stage that both my children are at.

What you will Receive in your box:

  • 5 activity cards (one to help target social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and auditory development)

  • 5 to 10 learning materials

  • 1 to 3 variations per activity for newborns, infants, or toddlers

  • A booklet with articles that explore the science behind each activity

  • Unlimited email Q&A support with Dr.Kristy, an expert in medicine, nutrition, & child psychology, which has a value of over $1000


For me personally the main benefit of the BumbleBrain box has been that I now have a go to box every month for 4 weeks until the next box arrives, when I know I have a few mins to spare with each child to help improve their Social, Emotional, Physical, Cognitive and Auditory development, I have all the tools I need in one box. Basically there is no need to drag all of my children around stores picking out development activities when I have the BumbleBrain Box arriving at my doorstep.

Again just to reiterate the BumbleBrain Box has benefited my family in the following ways:

  • I have step by step easy to follow instructions
  • The materials I would need for activities come in the box (saves me huge time and effort to buy these)
  • I have Peace of mind that these activities have been complied put together by certified professionals Dr Kristy & Sania
  • Reassuring that I am keeping up with the rest of the parents and doing my bit as a mother to help develop lifelong skills and growth in all areas.

If you would like to subscribe to BumbleBrain Box please click here for their website BumbleBrainBox.com

To watch a short video from the founders briefly explaining about their product you can watch here BumbleBrain Box story

Closing thoughts, Please enjoy many hours of play and fun with your kids these early childhood years are vital for childrens growth and development. Motherhood is a blessing so lets teach our kids and raise them to be the best they can be to their ability.


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