Simple Steps for a Stressfree Shopping Season

I have shopped many times for gifts and occasions but its got harder over the years as my commitments have increased! These steps are fool proof and I have used it myself.

It takes a little more prep and you are well on your way to a stress free shopping season that you may actually enjoy. Here are the 3 pointers for you to make your holiday shopping a little less stress free!

Before you head out into the mad shopping rush and have to sit in long lines of traffic to enter and exit the mall hopefully this bit of prep will give you a head start.

  1. First make the regular list with all the names & gift ideas for each person
  2. Divide up your time, how many days will you actually be able to shop. For example if you have 3 weeks to shop ( weekdays or weekends)
  3. Then group your people into those weeks.The way you can group them is up to you either depending on shop locations or by they gift categories

These 3 simple steps will help you be a little more organized and be a smart shopper, leaving you much needed time at the end of all the shopping madness and enjoy the holiday. Make sure you schedule some time for much needed selfcare pampering for yourself.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

(If you have any holiday shopping tips to suggest please feel free to comment)


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